My name is Nikola, and I am a translator and founder of Trnslate. I specialize in localization, and currently I am working as the leading linguist translating Facebook into Macedonian (Yes, the official one), and I am also part of the Airbnb (localization) translation team for Macedonian (proejct lasted between March and June 2019).

I think that I first became a bassist, and then a translator… or was it the other way round? Or maybe it was simultaneously. Anyway, both things have been my passion for 10 years now.

In my spare time I manage an educational and scientific website, www.nauchno.com, where I am the sole editor and creator. It’s an online magazine where I collect and translate various scientific and educational content into Macedonian for informational purposes (mostly because I love learning and translating, even in my spare time…).

That’s me, trying to nail a bassline at a concert

Playing music has been very inspirational for me (not to mention the epiphany you get when you become a father, phew… I swear, everything turns against you and your good night sleep when you start spawning little genetic versions of you that run around and scream all the time), but being a professional translator has been even more inspiring.

The social responsibility you get as a burden from ongoing projects like the two biggest social and messaging platforms at the moment (and everything in between) is, honestly, extremely tremendous. You have a responsibility to your language, your reputation and you have to be careful enough to avoid embarrassing fails. After all, I am constantly working with big brands like LG, Philips, Facebook, Canva, WhatsApp, Weather.com, Škoda and many other.

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But, I couldn’t be more grateful for all of those chances to fight off the viciousness of the reality that is being a translator and a father… and a musician (for hobby), learning to live with 4-5 hours of sleep, … and to finally evolve and keep evolving, to become the even sturdier translator and person that I am today. The corporate world keeps hurling projects at me when they need a fast and reliable ninja-translator, and I keep nailing them with the help of my lovely wife, a communication scientist with love for translations.

With my absolutely gorgeous wife

However, the time has come to expand business. So, with the help of various contacts that I have acquired throughout the years, my focus is to turn Trnslate into a steady outsourcer of work in the field of translation and proofreading.

This calls for compiling an ever-changing database of reliable translators for English and German that include Macedonian as target language. I tend to select the best and most efficient translators on the market that undergo a selection and testing phase to filter out the best of the best. If you are a translator, visit the contact page for more info.

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