The 10 best series to learn English

I’ll start this article with the notion that the majority of you love watching TV series (in English or any other language). So, how many of you have ever wished to go with Daenerys to invade the west? Or live a few months together with Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Rachel and Joey?

Let’s not even talk about how many of you imagined accompanying Sherlock and Watson in one of their many detective adventures. So, why not take advantage of that love for TV series by turning it into an opportunity to learn English?

“But what they do not know is that we know they know we know” Phoebe, Friends

In my eagerness to spread the English language and conquer the whole world (*evil plan brewing), I have gathered in this text the best series that could help you learn English in respect of variety of accents, pronunciation and diction of the protagonists, the plot or the vocabulary used. For this method to be really effective, you have to comply with some simple rules:

  • Always watch a TV series subtitled in English. You can go without the subtitles, but no matter how proficient you are, watching the series in English and simultaneously reading the English subtitles can help you immensely in building your vocabulary.
  • Have dictionary at hand (and pen and paper or a Word file ready on your computer). The idea is to find all the words whose meaning you don’t know in the dictionary. You can do that while watching. If you hear a word (and see it in the subtitles) that you don’t know, press pause and look it up in the dictionary. You can also write it down and look it up afterwards. But, it’s much better to do it instantly because you can analyse it contextually with the help of the scene. You don’t get to enjoy the episodes much like this, but hey, you get the joy out of learning a language!
  • Replay those parts of the episodes that you didn’t understand clearly. This way you will accustom your ear to the English language and words that are difficult for you. You will learn to understand and pronounce such words, phrases or accents better.

The List


What is it about? A simple preschool series where Pocoyo is discovering the world and interacting with it in the company of his friends Pato, Elly, Pajaroto and his pet Loula.

Why is it one of the best series for English beginners? The series is also available in English, and has become a benchmark for learning the language. Especially for learners of lower levels. Simple vocabulary, close, perfect diction of the narrator, and 25-minute chapters with nothing complicated. You can easily find it on YouTube.



What is it about? Eight strangers from different parts of the world connect mentally and emotionally. Different topics of very varied nature are treated. I don’t want to tell you more so as not to destroy it for you.

Why is it one of the best series in English? Because of its international and multicultural cast. Perfect for accustoming your ears to different accents of the English language, as well as to learn to differentiate between pronunciations. Various social and current issues are also discussed, and the vocabulary can be very useful in your day-to-day life without going into technical or elaborate areas. Ideal for those who are halfway between level A2 and B1.


Fawlty Towers

What’s the deal? A Barcelona-born job-seeker goes to the United Kingdom with hardly enough knowledge of the English language and the ways of the English people, to find work in a hotel run by the hilarious Mr. and Mrs. Fawlty. The plot takes place during the 1970s, and could not be better to learn the English language.

Why is it one of the best series in English? It’s one of the best series to learn British English definitely. One of the protagonists, Manuel from Barcelona, is also learning the language, so you may feel for him a bit. It is one of the most entertaining British TV series, and a comedy staple. It’s one of those comedies where you hardly notice the passage of time. A timeless classic with Monty Pythonesque humor. It’s great for those at the intermediate level.


Mad Men

What is it about? A drama taking place in the sixties that tells the story of Don Draper, one of the best copywriters of his time, and other members of the advertising agency Sterling Cooper. Of course, the series not only speaks of the advertising world, but it’s also a true reflection of the society of the time.

Why is it one of the best series in English? A series that I recommend not only for the perfect American English that its characters show, but also for its many dialogues, ‘idioms’ and the possibility of thoroughly learning the culture and customs of the American society of the 1960s.



What’s it about? Anybody that doesn’t know about Friends must have lived on another planet for the last 20 years. It is a series about the life of a group of friends who live in Manhattan and all the situations that they live through.

Why is it one of the best series in English? It’s the mother of all American series in its own right (it is one of the most viewed in the world at least). Throughout its 10 seasons you will learn American conversational English of the most complete variety thanks to the 6 protagonists’ common and casual vocabulary used by Americans (you will barely resist the jokes) and a variety of topics that are active even today. Moreover, a study prepared by Kaplan International in 2012 showed that 26% of students chose this series to improve their English.


How I Met Your Mother

What’s it about? Ted Mosby decides one day to tell his children how he met their mother. A story that will take you on a hilarious 10-seasons trip showing all the experiences of Ted Mosby and his best friends.

Why is it one of the best series in English? Ted, Marshall, Lily, Robin and Barney. Impossible not to fall in love with the protagonists of this series that has dazzled half the world. Some characters and actors speak American English so well that you will not need subtitles to understand them (especially Aunt Robin: her slow and Canadian accent is great when it comes to learning English). Along with Friends and other sitcoms (like Modern Family) this is one of the best to acquire everyday vocabulary, improve your listening and comprehension and have fun in the process.


Game of Thrones

What is it about? The Iron Throne has always been the subject of a permanent dispute between the 7 Kingdoms. A series filled with fights, alliances, betrayals and palace intrigues.

Why is it one of the best series in English? It’s one of the most successful series at the moment and the most awarded of all time. Do you need more arguments? Well, the majority of the cast comes from different parts of Great Britain, so in addition to learning a great English it will help you differentiate the different accents that occur in the UK .


Downton Abbey

What is it about? After the death of a future heir of an English county in the sinking of the Titanic, his distant cousin has to replace him.

Why is it one of the best series in English? Intrigues, love and struggles are the main features of this drama set in the twentieth century. An ideal series to learn a pure British English thanks to the diction and interpretation of its actors and the best accents that you will find. And not only that, the vocabulary is that of the high society. A series full of dialogues of perfect British English that will test anyone on the advanced level.



What’s it about? A modern adaptation of the Arthur Conan Doyle classic that narrates the detective adventures of private investigator Sherlock Holmes and his faithful companion Watson through the streets of London.

Why is it one of the best series in English? Although many thought that this series would be a complete failure, the truth is that it is one of the most watched today. The adventures and riddles get you hooked from the first episode. And if we add the excellent British English of its protagonists to that (pay attention to the deep voice and perfect diction of Benedict Cumberbatch) and a perfect vocabulary, it’s only logical to include it in this list.


Peaky Blinders

What’s it about? Do you like gangster series or series about the United Kingdom in the nineteenth century? Then better not miss this successful series.

Why is it one of the best series in English? British and Irish accents, informal language most of the time, jumbled dialogues, Peaky Blinders is a hearing test for the ears of anyone that thinks of him self a native-level speaker.

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