10 Movies Dealing With the World of Translation

The world of translation is a rich universe of which we still have a lot to learn. The need for translation is constantly increasing, and the importance of having a competent professional translator to whom to entrust it becomes critical.
Translation is much more present in everyday life than is believed. And the cinema did not fail to address this subject in many productions. I have prepared a list of the most memorable films.


This film by the famous Denis Villeneuve tells the story of a translator confronted with her biggest challenge: translating an extra-terrestrial language. Will translation be able to alleviate the differences between the two worlds?


In this great classic, Audrey Hepburn gives us an insight into the life of a French-English interpreter, with her ups and downs, and she does it with so much glamour…

The Interpreter

Nicole Kidman also plays the role of an interpreter in this political thriller, but in a different setting. The film tells the story of a UN interpreter put into danger after overhearing a private conversation between two politicians.

10 Movies Dealing With the World of Translation

Atlantis : The Lost Empire

In this story, translation brings us to a magnificent discovery. Milo’s studies on ancient languages allow him to discover the lost world of Atlantis, an underwater kingdom.

10 Movies Dealing With the World of Translation


The English-Spanish translation is complicated … especially in the United States, where these two languages intermingle. This film is full of ridiculous complications in “Spanglish”, with actors Adam Sandler playing a chef and Paz Vega playing a maid. Translation has never been so funny.

10 Movies Dealing With the World of Translation spanglish

The Terminal

What would you need if you were to be locked in the terminal of a large foreign airport? Probably a good translator. Ask Tom Hanks! This film by Steven Spielberg retraces the true story of Mehran Karimi Nasseri, an Iranian political refugee who was forced to live in an airport from 1988 to 2006.

10 Movies Dealing With the World of Translation the terminal

Lost in Translation

This film tells the story of two American citizens who have difficulty translating Japanese and understanding this culture. Directed by Sofia Coppola, “Lost in translation” is a portrayal of the culture shock between the United States and Japan, and the frequent translation errors that result.


In this film, the translation of Navajo (native Americans) is one of the keys to winning the Second World War. To combat the Nazis, native translators were decoding important military messages in the Navajo language, which allowed the Allies to take the lead.

10 Movies Dealing With the World of Translation windtalkers

The Girl of Your Dreams

This film tells the adventures of a Spanish film crew traveling in Nazi Germany to shoot a film. It is a film in a film, filled with misunderstandings between the German and Spanish languages.

10 Movies Dealing With the World of Translation the girl of your dreams

Desert flower

This heartbreaking film tells the true story of Waris Dirie, a Somali girl who flees her village to avoid a forced marriage. Translation will very quickly become a mean of survival in her evolution in an unknown world.

10 Movies Dealing With the World of Translation flower desert

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