How to Become a Netflix Translator

The best job in the world has to be working from your home in your home office, where you have flexibility and complete freedom to do whatever you like. Well, how about doing that while working as a translator for Netflix on your favorite TV series?

The most beloved streaming platform in the world offers opportunities for translators whose dream job is translating movies and series. Through the Hermes platform, interested translators can participate in online translation and subtitling tests and compete for positions whose remuneration is usually hefty.

The price ​​varies according to the language and Netflix emphasizes that it seeks to improve the service for its subscribers through Hermes. “The Hermes tool gives us a better assessment of the professionals that have to do this important work so that subscribers can enjoy their favorite movies and series in their own language.

How to become a translator for Netflix

Anyone who wants to work for the company needs to access the Hermes platform, an indexing and testing system for online translation and subtitling developed by Netflix, and respond to a brief questionnaire with personal information and skills, experience, fluency in languages ​​and readiness to work.

Once this is done, the candidate will be given an access number to track the history and test scores on the site. Once you log in, the requested languages ​​will appear on the right side of the screen, and you must click on one of them to start the test. It’s divided in five phases and it takes about an hour and a half to complete:

1. Phase 1 (10-minute limit): Through 15 multiple-choice questions the candidate must select the correct words to complete the sentences, select the correct meaning of a word or phrase and answer which sentence is grammatically correct;

2. Phase 2 (10 minute limit): The candidate must select the correct answer from a list of options that are in the language selected for testing. As in the previous phase, there are 15 questions;

3. Phase 3 (15 minute limit): There are 10 different questions based on videos in the selected language. Videos can be played back as often as needed;

4. Phase 4 (15 minute limit): The technical aspects of subtitling are evaluated in 10 videos with a corresponding question for each;

5. Phase 5 (limit of 40 minutes per video): Two short videos will be displayed and the applicant must translate the original language into the selected language for testing. The original subtitles are available to help with translation.

The test is reviewed and graded within 10 business days. You need to get at least 80% of the questionnaire to get a translator position at Netflix.

Remuneration per minute

The price ​​varies depending on the difficulty and availability of a Netflix translator in a particular language.

Netflix currently offers opportunities for more than 20 languages, including Korean, Chinese, Arabic and Polish. Thus, the company seeks a translator that will guarantee quality and pay attention to the cultural variations and the creativity of each language.

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