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I received a Machine Translation Post-Editing certification, and here is what that means…

Machine Translation (MT) has proven to be a recurrent industry solution, enabling companies to publish more content, in more languages, faster than ever before. Numerous competitors and public institutions are extensively using MT, and in order to keep up with the fast-moving translation industry, TransPerfect decided to get on board! As a result, I got invited “as one of their trusted linguists” to get certified as a Machine Translation Post-Editor…

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Victory over others brings us satisfaction, but victory over ourselves brings us joy

I found this sentence in a book called Power vs. Force, and it hit me really hard. It’s thrilling, stirring, stimulating, rousing, rip-roaring, and mind-boggling. I immediately fell in love with it. I find it to be utterly true, and I can only salute the author, David Hawkins. But, how to be victorious over oneself? Have You Found Your Meaning? Even if we briefly analyse what is power and what is force, certain philosophic conclusions can immediately be drawn….

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How I Survive Being a Facebook Translator

If someone asked me ten or more years ago where did I see myself in 2018, I wouldn’t have a clue what to answer. Back then, I was trying my best to kick-start my freelance career. I surely didn’t even imagine becoming the official Facebook translator for Macedonian. However, here I am, and I want to talk about my experiences. Being a Facebook translator has lots of benefits. I get…

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