Greetings and Farewells In Polish

The Polish language is one of the most spoken Slavic languages in the world. If you learn this fascinating language, you will be able to communicate with more than 50 million people living not only in Poland, but also in other countries in Europe, Latin America and beyond.

With Polish, you can immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of one of the most rapidly developing European country by exploring its charming towns and picturesque landscapes.

The Polish language has a very complicated pronunciation. But the difficulty in learning will be rewarded with the possibility of communicating with people as kind as the Polish people.

The Polish people are open and usually start a conversation with strangers easily. These are very hospitable people and certainly will offer you all the help you can to have a pleasant time with them and also to learn the language.

Greetings and Farewells

Cześć [chesch]
Hello (informal)

Dzień dobry [dyin dobre]
Hello (formal)

Dzień dobry [dyin dobre]
Good morning

Dobry wieczór [dobre viechur]
Good afternoon / Good evening (on arrival)

Jak się Pan/Pani miewa? [iak sie pan/pani mieva?]
How are you? (male/female)

Jak się masz? Co słychać? [iak sie mash?] / [tso sluijats?]
How are you?

Dobrze, dziękuję, a pan/ty? [dobze, dyiencuie, a pan/ti?]
Well, thank you, and you?

To jest… [to iest…]
This is …

Bardzo mi miło [bardso mi miuo]
Great pleasure!

Muszę odejść! [mushe odeisch]
I have to go!

Miłej podróży [miuei podruze]
Have a nice trip

Proszę pozdrowić / Pozdrów [proshe pozdrovits… / pozdruf…]
Send my greetings to …

Zadzwonię do ciebie / was jutro [zadsvonie do tsiebie / vas iutro]
I’ll call you tomorrow

Powodzenia! [povodyenia]
Good Luck!

Bardzo dizękuję [bardso dyiencuie]
I’m very grateful.

Na razie [na razie]
See you later

Dobranoc [dobranots]
Good evening (farewell)

Do widzenia [do vidyenia]
Goodbye! (formal)

Cześć / Pa pa. [chesch / pa pa]
Bye! (informal)

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