How to Offend People in Japanese: Dirty Words and Slang

Whether you have a dirty mouth or not, it is always good to know offensive expressions in different languages. You may want to know if they’re calling you an imbecile or something worse because I had a friend once that went to Japan, and came back with the nickname Baka, proud of having it … Inspired by that, I found these Japanese dirty words and slang that would be useful to know so that you won’t be the next Baka.

In practice, people who study other languages ​​usually don’t learn the bad language first and how to use profanity. But, anyone who has learned a language by immersion instead of in class, tends to speak more profanity and slang than the others.

Polyglots too tend to use profanities in different languages,  when they want to express themselves on subjects that are taboo in their native language.

As with many other, the Japanese language has some curses that are just normal words even for non-Japanese. Words like: “poop” or “donkey” can be found across many languages in offensive context. So, first here are some common words:

  • 糞 (Kuso) – Shit
  • 糞面白い (Kuso omoshiroi) – Damn, it’s funny
  • 馬鹿 (Baka) – Ass, idiot, stupid – it’s one of the more favorite curses of the Japanese.
  • バカデカい (Baka dekai) – A big, stupid ass. Interesting trivia about this word found here.
  • 阿保 (Aho) – stupid, kind of like baka, but more fondly. Mostly used in the Kansai region 関西 which includes Osaka, Kyoto, etc.
  • 阿保みたいに冷たい (Aho mitaini tsumetai) – literally cold fool.
  • 阿保か (Aho ka?!) – You are dumb, are not you?
  • ドジ (Doji) – a clunker, someone who’s done shit.
  • たわけ者 (Tawake-mono) – it is like saying “You ass!” in English. It is used when someone says something stupid.
  • ブス (Busu) – ugly, it comes from 不 細 工 (Busaiku), which means something ugly, defective.
  • ブスだね (Busu dane!) – You’re ugly!
  • キモい (Kimoi) – disgusting, something that makes you nauseous.
  • きゃあ、きもーい! (Kyaa, kimoooi) – Wow, that’s disgusting!
  • 死ね! (Shine) – Die!
  • ウッセェ、死ね! (Ussee, shine!) – Shut up and die!

As you can see, there is swearing in Japan too! But these are the simple ones that are more used by children in comedy movies or drawings.

Curse words

Shut up

Damn it! (in more aggressive tone)

Damn! (less aggressive)


Idiot, stupid

Go to hell.

Stupid, silly



Ugly woman (it is considered the worst insult that can be said to a Japanese woman)

Go to hell!

Jyoro no ko
Son of a ….

Fushidarana on’na


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