Real-time translation comes on top of all Google Assistant headphones

The technology of translating any language in real time through headphones is one of those moments when you feel transported into the future. The technology already exists on Google’s own Pixel Buds, but is now unlocked for all headphones with Google Assistant.

So far, only Google’s own Pixel Buds, paired with a Pixel smartphone, gave two people the ability to talk in two different languages ​​simultaneously through Google Translate. The assistant listens to the interlocutor and translates everything into the language of the other. Coming soon, the feature will be available for all headphones with Google Assistant.

This is evident from the English support page for Google’s own Pixel Buds. But, it has been recently changed and now reads that “Google Translation is available on all Assistant-optimized headphones and Android smartphones”.

Real-time translation for all headphones with Google Assistant

The actual translation takes place via the smartphone, which is connected to the headphones, so it is probably not a complicated process for Google to transfer the function to third-party hardware. For example, Sony and JBL offer such a headset with built-in Google Assistant.

However, the real-time translation over headphones and smartphones requires some practice right now, until it works properly in the conversation and you get used to it.

Currently, the real-time translation supports around 40 languages. You can access the feature by using the voice command “Hey Google, translate [language] for me”.

Have you ever tried Google’s real-time translation? What is your impression?

Translated from German:

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