Do you speak the 5 languages of love?

Small gestures, big words, tenderness or togetherness: love has many faces – and even more opportunities to show it. Unfortunately, these signs do not always come up. Because everyone speaks a different emotional language.

Today, we are going to speak about languages and communication, but different ones.

The Languages of Love: Everyone Speaks a Different One, But Can You Be a Polyglot?

Gary Chapman suggests that each person has a different way in which he or she expresses love, but also how the lover’s messages of love are understood. When you confront your partner with reproaches, or when you are confronted the same way, you both fall from the clouds. From each other’s point of view, the situation is completely different. Each of you seems to have a different way to show love.

To put it in the words of Gary Chapman: “Your partner communicates your love through gestures of tenderness and small (or large) gifts, while you wrap your love messages in togetherness and helpfulness (or the other way round).”

“The five languages ​​of love help to communicate better in a relationship”

Gary Chapman has identified a total of five idealistic languages ​​of love in which people want to express and receive their love.

  • Praise and Recognition

There are people who express love through compliments, words of praise or appreciative gestures. It is easy for them to recognize and praise each other’s strengths. In return, they feel loved, even if their partner compliments them.

Tip: Compliments are what a woman or a man wants to hear

  • Togetherness

“Quality Time” is the best benefit that people can get through the language of love. They show love by taking time for their partner and want to spend the time together. Time spent together is interpreted as a declaration of love.

Tip: Get out! Do activities together

  • Gifts that come from the heart

People who express love through gifts are not concerned with material things. On the contrary, they just know how to express their love even with the smallest gifts. It is much more about the act of love that the gift represents. A souvenir from a trip or a chocolate that your partner likes so much are signs of your affection.

Tip: Romantic gifts – It’s how you package love

  • Helpfulness

“I love you and that’s why I will help you wherever I can”… That’s the motto of the language of love. From carrying shopping bags, to helping with tasks or giving financial support. It’s mutual love.

  • Tenderness

Cuddling, caressing, kissing and of course, sex. Tender gestures are some of the most important messages in the language of love. The more physical contact you have, the more you love and feel loved.

Tip: Kissing can sometimes be more important than sex


Do you now know if you are speaking the 5 languages of love?


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