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French Vocabulary: 8 tricks to learn French with ease

Yes, vocabulary. One of the most important steps we have to face when learning a language. To memorize huge amounts of words. So much that sometimes we get scared. The French language is not precisely one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world. But, many people resist learning its spelling and pronunciation even though these are some of the most important aspects in building vocabulary. It is not just memorizing…

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15 Interesting Expressions and French Proverbs

Here you will learn 15 French expressions and proverbs that are among the most used by native speakers of the language. Remember that the translation is not literal, but the meaning is corresponding. Understanding and employing these proverbs appropriately is the key to the correct use of language. Let’s take a look! Le mensonge n’a pas de pieds This proverb can be translated as “a lie has no legs”. L’habit…

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