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Are there words that exist in only one language?

Every day, translators are confronted with thousands of words that they need to translate from a source to a target language. That makes looking at the text as a whole, and not translate it word for word all the more important. Translators need to carefully read each sentence of a text and record its content in order to transfer its meaning into the desired target language using the appropriate words. But, what…

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Is German Truly a Difficult Language to Learn?

The German language is a difficult one! At least, that is what you will hear. But, is it really harder to learn German compared to other languages? If you compare it to English, YES, German can be really hard to learn. But believe me, there are much difficult languages than German. So, let’s break down the language and see what makes it difficult. Uppercase and Lowercase The confusion starts with…

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Overview of the Recent German Spelling Reform

With the spelling reform in 1996, German speakers were confronted with numerous innovations. Now, a new reform is happening. Fortunately, this reform was used to simplify things and for adjustments. Overview After the spelling reform in 1996, there was much debate. In the following years, there were endless discussions about certain topics, such as the correct spelling of certain words. Was it Delfin or Delphin? Schifffahrt or Schiffahrt? In the course of the disputes, a…

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