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The German Un-word of the Year 2017

Every year in Germany, they choose an un-word. An un-word is a word that is not beautiful or is offensive (or it is constantly misused etc.). So for the year 2017, the term “alternative Fakten” (alternative facts) was selected as the un-word in Germany. “Alternative Fakten” stands for false claims. The term was first used by Kellyanne Conway, a counselor of Donald Trump, the president of USA. She said: The president…

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Basic German: Your First Steps to Learning German

Arm yourself with a good dictionary because we are going to learn some basic German. There are many reasons to study the German language. First of all, there are 180 million speakers and it’s the most spoken language in Europe (yes, more than English). It’s also the third most demanded language by companies (7.3% of job offers request knowledge of German) etc… But, how can you learn German? Where to start? Is…

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