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7 Most Useful Languages to Learn in 2018

There are so many good reasons to learn a foreign language. But the main motivation for many remains work. Mastering one or more foreign languages ​​is indeed one of the most important skills in the world of business. But which language should you learn? Although English is almost a lingua franca today and is spoken around the world, in some areas English is not enough to get work (as in the tourism sector or in…

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Italian: A Beautiful Language Worth Learning

Approximately 70 million people speak Italian as their mother tongue. They live mainly in Italy, but also in southern Switzerland – also known as the “Italian Switzerland” part – as well as in the independent Republic of San Marino and Vatican City (Italian is the official language alongside Latin in Vatican). Italian is also spoken by the Italian population of Istra (a region in Slovenia and Croatia) and in Dalmatia…

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