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Video Game Translations: Not an easy job

Germans enjoy the luxury of foreign media, such as video games, often being translated into German. However, few of them appreciate the reality that video game translators face. They have to fight not only against the complexities of the language itself, but also against deadlines. Release Dates Put Pressure on Translators The production plans of the game developers are usually tight knit. Even if all the texts are already in their…

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Translation vs Localization? What exactly is the difference?

If you want to open up global markets with your company through a multilingual website, you will surely come across the words “translation” and “localization”. The terms website translation and website localization are often used side by side and even as synonyms. However, these two terms denote different processes. But what exactly is the difference? Translation The translation of a text is the transfer of a given content into another language using…

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