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Differences between Mexican and European Spanish

Although to most may seem as the same language, Spanish variations can be very much different. For example, the Spanish language used in Europe differs in many ways from Mexican Spanish. Here some examples of different vocabulary: Mexican – Spanish – English alberca – piscina – swimming pool camarón – gamba – crab camión  – autobús – bus carro  – coche – automobile celular – móvil – mobile chamaco – chico – boy chamarra – chaqeta – jacket chango – mono – monkey computadora – ordenador – computer cuarto – habitación…

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7 Most Useful Languages to Learn in 2018

There are so many good reasons to learn a foreign language. But the main motivation for many remains work. Mastering one or more foreign languages ​​is indeed one of the most important skills in the world of business. But which language should you learn? Although English is almost a lingua franca today and is spoken around the world, in some areas English is not enough to get work (as in the tourism sector or in…

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In times like the present, in which languages ​​are studied according to the number of potential interlocutors (persons with whom to speak), it can be affirmed that the Spanish language is in good health. I refer to the number of speakers as a criterion, because it is one of the most important when it comes to choosing which foreign language to study. For this reason, nurseries in which Mandarin Chinese is taught…

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