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Basic Approach to Patent Translation

Preparation (20-30 minutes) In order to begin translation of a patent, you must understand the story that the patent is trying to tell. Consider following the steps below to get started. Read the Background section of the patent and identify the following. Key technological problems Key methods to solve problems Key indicators of success Read the Claims Try to understand the claims in terms of the background Identify and Search…

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Are there words that exist in only one language?

Every day, translators are confronted with thousands of words that they need to translate from a source to a target language. That makes looking at the text as a whole, and not translate it word for word all the more important. Translators need to carefully read each sentence of a text and record its content in order to transfer its meaning into the desired target language using the appropriate words. But, what…

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Translation Revision Error Categories Explained

Every translator has had their work revised at one point or another throughout their career… Most probably more than one time. Depending on the agencies you work with, these revisions can be different in how they are conducted. But, in the end all of it boils down to the same error categories. You get that excel report file (data formats are different depending on the tools used) from the PM,…

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