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Short Guide to CAT Tools

A must for many translators, CAT (Computer Aided Translation) software is numerous and varied in functionality. And for good reason: “the perfect CAT tool” simply does not exist! Each translator has his/her own needs and work habits. Therefore, I will explain several CAT tools in this small list, which will get you started. But, Why Should I Use a CAT Tool? CAT tools have a great appeal to both clients…

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10 Movies Dealing With the World of Translation

The world of translation is a rich universe of which we still have a lot to learn. The need for translation is constantly increasing, and the importance of having a competent professional translator to whom to entrust it becomes critical. Translation is much more present in everyday life than is believed. And the cinema did not fail to address this subject in many productions. I have prepared a list of…

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Is Translating from One Dialect into Another an Act of Translation?

Yes, it is. There is no other answer. When you translate from one dialect in a given language to another dialect of the same language, you are doing an act of translation. Do you think you would be able to understand and read a mystic dialect text from the 15th century? Would you know what demyth or kyndely is? Read this for example: For English people it might be guessable, but not for speakers…

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