Translator Survivalist Tip: I got into photography, and it has been really liberating…

Yeah, I found myself another life-long hobby that I will be enjoying for the rest of my life besides music.

Learning photography has been really soul-healing process, mainly because I tend to be self-taught amateur photographer.

And that is the real beauty, finding out the secrets to photography through arduous descent into something beautiful.

Here are my first “masterpieces”, those first bursts of initial creativity that drive your desire to become even better photographer, and a bigger professional.

I deeply wish all of you would go out there and find something you really love to do and share positive energy all the while! Enjoy!

(also, if you would like to follow me for more pictures, here are my Facebook Page and Instagram profile. I also got into stock photography, and have already a couple of photos approved on ShutterStock. If you have high quality photos that you can sell at ShutterStock, click here for the ShutterStock Contributors program.

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