What is Payoneer?

Have you ever used Payoneer? This company has been in operation since 2005. It offers money transfer services (payments and payouts) to the global community. Currently Payoneer is active in 210 countries.

Organizations and companies can use Payoneer’s services to pay their employees or businesses without a bank account and to transfer money in a secure and cost-effective manner.
Payoneer has services and solutions designed for US residents, non-US residents and travelers. There are options for internet-based stores and direct sales. Whether it’s for individuals or bulk pay, Payoneer delivers outstanding payment service. But, one of the best uses of Payoneer is for getting payments as a freelancer (or an affiliate marketer).

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Using Payoneer as a Freelance Translator

Besides the many payment options I offer clients (such as Skrill [formerly Moneybookers], PayPal, or even plain old Bank Transfer), Payoneer has proven extremely useful to me. What Payoneer enables you is to have bank accounts in your name across the world, which are managed by Payoneer for you. This way you can receive bank transfers from anywhere with very low or no fees.

Sometimes I use Payoneer to transfer all my funds from Skrill into my Payoneer account for Euros, so that I can withdraw them from an ATM and avoid receiving them on my native bank account (in my country of origin).

Receiving money from an EU bank directly into your European Payoneer account include no fees at all (or at least that’s what I have experienced so far). And the best thing about it is that you get to withdraw the money directly from your nearest ATM with the Payoneer MasterCard for a fixed fee of 2.50 EUR per withdrawal, no matter how much you are withdrawing. Different fees apply for different currencies.

If you want to avoid even the withdrawal fee, just use your Payoneer MasterCard for purchasing. That way there are no fees at all.

When I opened my Payoneer account a couple of years ago, there was the possibility for receiving payments in USD and EUR only. I was using the USD account for all payments I was receiving from agencies in the United States (you can’t receive USD from other countries), and the EUR account for my business with European translation agencies.

But, Payoneer recently expanded the options by including GBP, JPY, CNH and AUD. This means that now you can receive payments from companies in the UK, China, Japan and Australia.

Payoneer MasterCardwhat is payoneer mastercard

The neatest trick is the MasterCard(s) you get. Depending on how many currencies you have applied for, you get that many MasterCard debit cards, which you use to withdraw your payments arriving in your Payoneer bank accounts. No fuss!

Let me tell you the hidden secret behind Payoneer that may attract you into opening an account: Payoneer transactions are not tracked by your government, therefore you get to avoid taxes (if that’s your thing).

Well, go for it, sign up here.

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