Why Google Translate Now Has better offline translations?

Google Translate gets better offline translations. From now on, the search giant also uses artificial intelligence if you do not have an internet connection, which greatly benefits the translation quality.

Google Translate update improves offline translations

Since 2016, Google uses so-called neural networks to provide better translations. Before that, texts were often translated word for word, but now Google’s artificial intelligence looks at complete sentences. As a result, a translated text can often be better understood. Those better translations will also be available offline through the Google Translate app for Android from this week.

Google Translate has been letting people download certain languages ​​for some time, so that they can translate texts without an internet connection. Previously, the app had only a word list, so offline translations were the same defective translations as those online. Now, the neural machine translation technology can be used without internet. An individual language package requires only 35 to 45MB of storage space, making it easy to download multiple languages.

The improved offline translations are especially useful when you are on vacation, and may not have access to your mobile data. Now it is easier to make yourself understood without mobile internet at the bakery, in the bar or on the road while abroad.

With Google Translate you can translate much more than just words and phrases. The app allows you to scan and translate text on photos, such as on road signs. For languages ​​with different characters than Latin, such as Japanese and Chinese, you can draw the characters themselves to have them translated. There is also an option to translate conversations in real time. This way you and your discussion partners can continue to speak in your own language, while Google Translate directly translates everything.

Download Google Translate for Android

Google Translate is already standard on some Android smartphones, but via the link below you can download the app in the Play Store. The app is free and works on almost every recent Android device.

→ Download Google Translate from Google Play (free)

Translated from DutchWaarom Google Translate nu betere offline vertalingen heeft

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