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A Personal Experience: What Translation Agencies Want When Hiring Freelance Translators

Today, I want to share some survival tips from my personal experience in contacting and being contacted by translation agencies. Dealing with an experienced project manager can be a daunting and psychologically demanding task. They know what they want from you and they know how to extract it. It’s up to you to stand up for yourself. Rates They will come for your rates. They will come for your time…

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How I Survive Being a Facebook Translator

If someone asked me ten or more years ago where did I see myself in 2018, I wouldn’t have a clue what to answer. Back then, I was trying my best to kick-start my freelance career. I surely didn’t even imagine becoming the official Facebook translator for Macedonian. However, here I am, and I want to talk about my experiences. Being a Facebook translator has lots of benefits. I get…

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Hearthstoner: How to keep yourself entertained when there’s no work

…look there, I made up a word! Hearthstoner, a person that loves to pass time idly playing Hearthstone, the best card game there is. I love playing this game when there are no translation projects pressing against my freedom to live idly around, and believe me, such days can be very few. Sometimes you end up realizing that two months have passed and you have been constantly overworking yourself every…

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