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Real-time translation comes on top of all Google Assistant headphones

The technology of translating any language in real time through headphones is one of those moments when you feel transported into the future. The technology already exists on Google’s own Pixel Buds, but is now unlocked for all headphones with Google Assistant. So far, only Google’s own Pixel Buds, paired with a Pixel smartphone, gave two people the ability to talk in two different languages ​​simultaneously through Google Translate. The assistant listens…

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Google Translator Has Broken Down language barriers at the World Cup in Russia

Football may be the most universal language on the planet , but when it comes to deciphering the Cyrillic alphabet or communicating with locals at the World Cup in Russia, love for the ball is sometimes not enough. To overcome the language barriers in Russia, fans around the world have been actively using Google’s translator through their cell phones. That has saved them from rummaging through phrasebooks or gesturing to ask for directions. Many of those attending the…

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Why Google Translate Now Has better offline translations?

Google Translate gets better offline translations. From now on, the search giant also uses artificial intelligence if you do not have an internet connection, which greatly benefits the translation quality. Google Translate update improves offline translations Since 2016, Google uses so-called neural networks to provide better translations. Before that, texts were often translated word for word, but now Google’s artificial intelligence looks at complete sentences. As a result, a translated text can often…

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